Exhibit opens for 242nd Birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps

From Brazos County to Belleau Wood, now open in the Brazos County Administration Building, features the stories of seventeen residents and Aggies who served in the U.S. Marine Corps and fought at this historic battle.  These stories are complimented with official records contained within the service files of these men.  The exhibit also contains a tactical map of France illustrating the topographical features and exact location of the Bois de Belleau.  And, there is a list of every Marine from Brazos County who served during the First World War.

[on the left] The biographical sketch of Thomas Reed Brailsford, Texas Aggie Class of 1917 is accompanied by a heartfelt letter from his wife following his death.  [on the right] is the story of Eric Albert Goldbeck, who began his studies at A&M with the Class of 1919.  There are several transcripts of letters written by Goldbeck on display along with a letter from his father containing a photo of Eric while he was in England.

The exhibit is opposite Camp Aggie on the first floor.

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