Uncle Sam POSTER

The Brazos County World War I Centennial Committee is seeking photographs, memorabilia, artifacts, correspondence, uniform items, etc. from anyone who was a veteran of World War I AND was:

  1. Living in Brazos County at the time of their enlistment
  2. Born in Brazos County
  3. Attending Texas A&M
  4. Working at Texas A&M
  5. Buried in Brazos County

We hope to preserve and commemorate the service of your loved one by photographing these items and have plans to exhibit those photographs to educate our community on the contributions Brazos County made to the war effort.  Please contact us at if you are interested.  Thank you!

“Americans All” Opens at MAGI

The Brazos County World War I Centennial Committee presents the military contributions of thirty-three veterans of the First World War from four of our county’s ethnic groups. These include individuals of Czech, Polish, German and Italian, or more specifically Sicilian, descent who are first generation Americans.

The First World War changed their lives. Many of them believed, as young men often do, that they were in for an adventure. They exchanged the farm for the military camp. Here they met others from across the United States and were exposed to a myriad of different cultures from their fellow soldiers. Together they were molded into an American fighting force. The majority of these veterans featured here made the transit to Europe on troop ships, continued their training in France and then met the enemy on the field of battle. They suffered illness, pain, frustration, boredom; some were wounded and some sacrificed their life in service to the nation that had welcomed their parents with a promise of a better tomorrow. By the time the war ended, they were Americans All.

“Legacies” expand, move

The “Living Legacies” exhibit, previously housed at the Carnegie Center for Brazos Valley History in Bryan, has expanded from its original eleven children to now seventeen and has been opened to all children of World War I veterans.  The Centennial and memories of these individuals should be recorded no matter where their fathers, uncles, etc. served from.  You can see the new additions on the first floor of the Brazos County Administration Building in Bryan, Texas.


Memorial Day Observed

Tributes were made to our fallen WW1 veterans on May 28, 2018 throughout Brazos County, which included a special observance at the Museum of the American G.I., participation in the city of College Station’s Texas Weekend of Remembrance, the placement of a wreath with the names of the county’s WW1 Gold Stars at the Bryan Public Library and a special video tribute of all the county’s and Texas A&M’s Gold Stars at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.