Committee members’ research has identified over 800 veterans of the First World War buried in Brazos County, Texas.  The names, along with branch of service and cemetery, are listed in the following pages, grouped alphabetically by last name.  For the majority of the veterans, their service has been confirmed through multiple official government documents.  A few had military service confirmed, but branch of service is unknown.  They are identified as such.  The service of other veterans listed could not be confirmed by more than one source. They are identified with an “*”. Within this group are those only noted as “WW” [World War] veterans on the 1930 Census, have “WW 1” listed on death certificate or are listed as veterans of the First World War in an obituary.  It appears some individuals believed their service, while not in the military, did indeed make them a veteran of the war.  For example, Mason Lee Cashion who spent time in France working for the Y.M.C.A. is listed as a WW veteran on the 1930 census.  We believe many others possibly served as instructors at the A&M College, possibly paid by the War Department and also considered themselves veterans.  The Committee felt compelled to list all of these individuals and as new research becomes available, the list will be adjusted accordingly. If anyone notices any discrepancies, we invite their input.

Adams – Blondeau

Blumberg – Bynum

Cahill – Curtis

Daisa – Evans

Falgeau – Guyton

Hahn – Hunter

Ivy – Jones

Kalinec – Lockett

Lockstedt – McNew

McQueen – Myers

Neblett – Petty

Phillips – Rychlik

Saculla – Spell

Sprague – Vance

Vanhook — Zikes