After the declaration of war, the College’s faculty and staff joined the call to arms.  When the Selective Service Act went into effect in May 1917 many volunteered or were drafted into the military.  Some served to support the war effort in various agencies of the federal government.

Name Position Branch/Agency
Arndt, C.H. Biology Professor US Department of Agriculture
Ashburn, Ike Publicity Director US Army
Bates, E.F. Physics Instructor US Army
Bethel, B.O. Veterinary Staff Texas National Guard
Bible, Dana Football Coach US Army – Aviation
Brown, Otto Horticulture Professor US Army
Chastain, O.F. History Professor US Army
Christian, Claude F. * US Army
Coghlan, Byron K. Highway Engineering Professor US Army
Connor, R.E. Publicity Director US Marine Corps
Conway, Thomas J.* Animal Husbandry Professor US Army
Ehlinger, Otto Physician and Surgeon US Army
Farr, C. H. Horticulture Professor US Department of Agriculture
Finley, Aubrey Janitor US Army
Fitzgerald, Nugent E. Vocational Teaching Professor US Army
Ford, Darden Director of Music US Army
Foster, Charlie Machine Shop Assistant US Army
Green, Roy M.* Civil Engineering Professor US Army
Guadiano, Hilario Mess Hall Waiter US Army
Hanson, Gustov William Mechanical Engineering Professor US Army
Hays, Maurice E. Entomologist US Army – Aviation
Howard, J.J. Night Sergeant US Army
Lowe, J.N. Biology Professor US Department of Agriculture
Mayo, Thomas English Professor US Navy – Aviation
McGee, W.G. Animal Husbandry – Extension Service US Army
Morrison, R.L. Highway Engineering Professor US Army
Nero, Philip Janitor US Army
Ousley, Clarence Director of Extension Service US Department of Agriculture
Ray, A.B. Chemistry Professor War Department
Reynolds, Elbert B.* Agronomy Professor US Army
Schmidt, Hubert* Experiment Station Veterinarian US Army
Scott, Verne A. Veterinarian US Army
Seale, Clarence A. Fiscal Department US Army
Skeeler, Frank Joseph Physics Instructor US Army
Stangle, W.L.* Animal Husbandry Instructor US Army
Whitney, C.C. Veterinary Medicine Professor US Army
Wilcox, A.B. Accountant *
Wipperman, W. Mechanical Engineering Professor US Army