Former Students


Corps of Cadets in formation on Military Walk 1917 [Courtesy Cushing Library]

It is estimated that over 2,200 former students joined the different branches of the United States military, many as junior officers, during World War I.  Although not complete, this extensive list identifies a large number of those who served.  The majority of these names were compiled by the Alumni Association and published in the August 1918 Alumni Quarterly.  Others have been and will be added as research continues to identify all Aggies who served our nation during the First World War.  Names in bold face type represent those who graduated from the College.

Abbott – Avent

Baade – Beynon

Bierschwale – Brewer

Brice – Bywater

Cade – Coleman

Collins – Cushman

Dallmeyer – Dyer

Earnest – Forsyth

Fosselman – Gillam

Gillespie – Hamlet

Hamner – Hill

Hinds – Jarrott

Jenkins – Kincheleo

King – Lefland

Lemond – Lyon

Maddux – McCullough

McDaniel – Mizell

Modrall – Neyland

Nisbet – Phipps

Pickens – Reynolds

Rice – Rylander

Sain – Shutt

Simmons – Stark

Steames – Terrell

Thalmann – Voss

Wadley – Whitton

Wickes – Zuehl