Gold Stars


The Service Star banner, originally designed in 1917 by Captain Robert Queisser, depicted a blue star for each of his two sons serving on active duty.  The banner became a symbol of patriotism across the country and visually illustrated a family’s contribution to the war effort.  Later, as casualties occurred, gold stars were exchanged with the blue ones to depict the death and sacrifice of that family.  The “Gold Stars” of Brazos County are listed below in two tables–the first one depicts those born in Brazos County while the second identifies those who considered the county their home at the time of their entry into the service.

Name Born Cemetery
Buchanan, Robert Leslie Bryan Steep Hollow
Cotropia, Salvatore Carlo Stone City Mt. Calvary
Crenshaw, Phelan S. Bryan Bryan City
Dehart, Arthur College Station Meuse-Argonne
Dyess, Chester Bruce Bryan Bright Light
Eden, George Austin Bryan Sulphur Springs, TX
Elmore, Walter Steele’s Store Unknown
Endler, August Kurten Meuse-Argonne
Graham, Cyrus Earle Bryan Bryan City
Gregg, Donald Bryan Somme American
Harrington, Nelse Millican Wheat
Leigh, John William Bryan Bryan City
Lero, Joseph F. Bryan Mt. Calvary
Lipscomb, Addie Claudiss Stone City Meuse-Argonne
Meekins, Lee Roy Millican Wheat
Mims, Homer Thomas Bryan Steep Hollow
Nero, Phillip College Station Bryan City
Palmer, Jesse Adrian Bryan Oise-Aisne American
Parker, Joseph Walter Bryan Alexander
Pate, Milton Ray Bethel Community Cleveland, TX
Reed, Enolie Bryan Roans Chapel
Richie, Allen Brazos County Arlington National
Richie, Neal Bryan Smetana
Richmond, Will Bryan Cypress Hills National
Rittenhouse, Johnnie Cawthon Barkers Prairie
Rouffino, Andrew Bryan Meuse-Argonne
Scasta, Emil Joe Bryan Bryan City
Scott, Arthur Cleveland Bryan Sylvester, Texas
Sims, Marshall G. Millican Peach Creek
Suber, Lawrence Ross Bryan Bryan City
Valenta, Joseph Kurten Mt. Calvary
Williams, Walter Bryan St. Mihiel American
Wilson, Ruben Lee Bryan Arlington National
Name Residence Cemetery
Hall, Aaron, N. Harvey Steep Hollow
Hill, Henry Cawthon Unknown
Holmes, Tom Cawthon Unknown
Lang, Elmer Earl Kurten Tryon
Opersteny, Frank T. Bryan Bryan City
Smith, George Bryan Unknown
Snook, Lonnie M. Brazos County Zion, Iola
Walton, Osie Bryan Bryan City