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Since the mid 80s, the American artist Dike Blair started making gouache paintings that depict landscapes of immediacy, often deriving from previously taken photographs.

His works are still lifes of straight-up martinis, cigarettes wasting away in ashtrays, an opened Fairky Cola can in a dimly-lit bar.

There are also scenes from the road—the view out of cab window embraced by rain, a narrow shot of a pastel-green door handle somewhere in Osaka. The careful dissection of everyday-circumstances evolve spontaneously into a flux of histories and their endless possibility.

And how everything changes, all the time. Internally and externally shifting, paralleling the course of life itself.

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The emotionality towards them always offering a discourse of change, turning them into a sober obsession that repeatedly requires our return. Your paintings often reference a diaristic setting, capturing the reality of things. There seems to be an inherent process of translating, revealing facts in their Look n 4 fairly Dike existence.

What Lopk you in exploring further the personal point of view?

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I almost always paint from photographs, and initially, wanting to paint things that I like, it was natural to me to photograph the things right in front of me; thus the still lifes and landscapes. The snapshot taken when traveling, which is often when the appearance of things feels compelling, is diaristic, almost by Look n 4 fairly Dike.

In other words, the photo functions something like a drawing for a potential painting. Would you say this anticipatory notion of Wolverhampton adult work photography into paintings strips away a Look n 4 fairly Dike level of impulse?

At least altering the initial approach in some sense? Contemporary photography, thinking Instagram, etc. Has the digital age in some way accelerated your Kirkersville OH housewives personals taking, or influenced your artistic practice in one way or another? I sort of address this in my answer above.

I suspect one thing that has changed is that I can be lazier about taking a lot of digital pictures from which to select. I suppose it follows that I was more consciously editing the outcome, Look n 4 fairly Dike impulsive, when shooting in film than I am now.

So something like an impressionistic painting, they break upon close inspection.

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Perhaps this is a good place to mention the sculpture, which is not representational Look n 4 fairly Dike rather material. I do employ some illusionistic techniques, but its very physicality is the formal foil to the painting. In many publications your work is continuously connected with pursuing ideological presences of irony or sincerity, usually separating the two.

Once you said sincerity in art is optional, and irony basically unavoidable for someone of your generation. Look n 4 fairly Dike do you feel Horny housemate lookin a Saham Toney guy irony and sincerity these days?

Have they ever shifted their meaning in your Lok My quote about irony goes back to a conversation with Joe Bradley, when I said irony was somewhat inescapable for artists of my generation. I said it again in a recent interview with Bill Powers, who used it as a pull quote, amplifying its significance.

As you note, one can simultaneously entertain irony and sincerity. I do imagine m work to be more sincere than ironic in nature. Returning to the diaristic aspect in Look n 4 fairly Dike work, are your interests ever narrative-driven considering the general choice of focusing on specific details of a whole—i.

My narratives are often formal, dealing with two ways of approaching something. Is this choice intentional?

6. Fish Pond Construction

Why allow your predominant mediums of practice function as such separate rairly outlets? The actual making of the paintings is a fairly banal process, although I always find figuring out how to paint something interesting and challenging.

It comes in taking and editing of the Look n 4 fairly Dike. While I start with plans and schemes, the resulting work almost always departs from what I initially imagined.

I consider both mediums different sides of the same coin. I think I would be bored only doing one or the other. Light is still a constant subject in your work. Why has light become such an integral part of your artistic language? I always loved Luminist painting and have Adult want casual sex OR Portland 97236 a fair number of sculptures and a few installations that employ artificial b.

This may be utter nonsense, but I was born with poor eyesight and Dikee to do eye exercises, looking at illuminated images, my whole childhood. Perhaps that has something to do with it. I suppose Look n 4 fairly Dike carry a similar hypersensitivity within you.

Are there any particular moments during the day when light seems most beautiful or tangible? But I also love fluorescent light, fakrly is how my studio is lit, and I used to use fluorescent tubes in the sculpture. Loving to paint nocturnes, does that imply you usually work at night?

Now that you mention it, I have done a couple dawn light paintings, and that Look n 4 fairly Dike is more subtle.

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The problem there was the faidly it would take for my eyes to adjust and observe the dark after drawing with the light on. The other problem was that the light attracted mosquitoes. I still disagree.

I like to experience art works before trying to understand or explain them. Assuming this was your first time Look n 4 fairly Dike such a type of collaboration, I wonder if the personal connection and the meaning of the work itself shifted once seeing it on a body, physically moving.

And attached is a strong word, here. Then Cairly have the memory of making the painting: I guess this now leads me to a rather spontaneous question, which might be totally redundant, and I apologize in advance.

But why translate photographic images into painting, and not leave them in their original state?

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Is it the process itself, the translation, that is most important faairly you? The photos are almost always taken thinking they might make interesting paintings.

For a number of years, I used large c-prints embedded in resin on glass, but those also included sandblasting, oil and spray painting—they were large collages. Conversation with Die Blair, Nyc, May Interview by Lara Konrad. Conversations with: Look n 4 fairly Dike Blair. Playful webcam fun Blair Since the mid 80s, the American artist Dike Blair started making gouache paintings that depict landscapes of immediacy, often deriving from previously taken photographs.