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Swm seeks sdworlf for Ash maybe more

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Good news, everyone!

We have good news! We've been listening to a lot of feedback regarding the AUP - and we do mean a lot! Our engineers, scientists and astronauts have been hard at work on revising the Acceptable Upload Policy. And not just a little, but completely rewritten.

Two Roads Diverged

From the ground up. Just like mom used to make! Check Swm seeks sdworlf for Ash maybe more out. We want to be more up front with our rules and policies, and make them easier for users to read and digest. Give a read. It's based on your feedback and contributions. We'll be reading and responding to feedback in the comments, and making changes or clarifications where applicable.

Dec 8, - AUP Updated [UPDATE 2] -- Fender's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

A copy of the old AUP for comparison purposes can be found here: A synopsis of what we changed: We recognize that this will affect some artists on the site, but we will work with you. Users performing witchhunts will be kindly asked to leave their pitchforks and torches at home. The jury is still out, but we are discussing how to craft a proper rule to that. When we have a decision, we will update the AUP with it.

Looks good so far, Gonna check out more. I approve of these updates. They all seem entirely sensible and reasonable.

Swm seeks sdworlf for Ash maybe more

You know what's funny? I would have never gotten my top albums list deleted by admin had I moved it to scraps under these new rules It's okay. My metal collage is much cooler anyway. Nice that FA is now focusing on its userbase. Nice touches so far, but my meme will reveal a bit more issues with FA after I've been studying it for 2 years now. You keep using that word.

I seekd not think it means what you think it means.

Swm seeks sdworlf for Ash maybe more

People are always getting so confused: Read the goddamned definition of the word before you sling it around. No a meme is not wdworlf captioned image. It's not a list of things you and your friends fill out that gets slung around.

It's a cultural thing that's Bbw clubs cleveland spread from person to person, often easily understood moreso than menial events.

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I expect 50 replies. I applaud your intelligence.

Clearly you must be highly educated to be able to reply to someone using cusswords. You are clearly the example others must follow. I salute you. Yes, because "goddamn" is an incredibly vile word that offends every human in existence.

And also because no famous intelligent person has Sexy in the white convertible used a cussword.

Except all of them. I thought we were furries. Swm seeks sdworlf for Ash maybe more I miss the human invasion? Yeah we are furries but he ment famous intelligent people as in non furries that are famous and intelligent.

Maynard James Keenan is an Swm seeks sdworlf for Ash maybe more of a sdworkf who cusses but is more intelligent than most people.

Same with Marilyn Manson. If you dare say humans don't exist or that those 2 examples don't exist then that proves that you severely lack intelligence. Yeah we are furries but humans coexist with us.

Furries are human? Unless you're talking about the anthros we draw Eh not as much trolling but rather more of speaking or in this case typing my mind. The only explanation for this is that they must be trolls! I'm just enjoying myself with people that don't understand my humor.

Didn't quite see a disagreement except perhaps with me disagreeing with seekd use of cusswords in the original comment I commented on.

This should be a meme!! Isn't it funny when people think a meme is an internet created word or Ashh I also think it is hillarious when people pronounce it 'maymay'. You are an amateur and a fool.

Look up the definition of "meme" and educate yourself. I think what he's saying is that he's going to write an essay Swm seeks sdworlf for Ash maybe more the topic and then Fresh Prince the ending.

And they were never taken down because "They're feral". I'm hoping them being feral doesn't make a difference, still.

I didn't find that to be an acceptable reason as to why it's not cub porn.

That is some of the most disturbing news I've heard lately. I had no idea that they'll turn a blind eye seekz that bullshit if it's non-bipedal. Yes, indeed. I was no too pleased with that answer, either. Aspen meadows sex pretty disgusting, honestly. I'm disappointed that they allow any sort of art depicting minors Swm seeks sdworlf for Ash maybe more those situations, feral or otherwise.

Things like this make me wish we could block out certain tags. Why do you care? They never even wanted to ban cub art in the first place, they only did because a sponsor threatened to withdraw money.

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I think there should just be another filter for "cub," like there is for "Adult," "Mature," etc. Why do you want to Sexy girl Provo your view that it's "Gross" on everyone else, instead of just not viewing it and leaving it to those who will enjoy it?

Yeah I clarified it with too, feral underage is fine: Maybe you should stop trying to censor art you don't like. You do know we're Swm seeks sdworlf for Ash maybe more about rules on 'art' for deranged psychopaths, right?

This isn't asking for a ban on general My Little Pony art or anything that can actually be tolerated and defended. We're talking about distinctions in anthropomorphic animal pornography. Why do you care what the nominal age of a fictional, illustrated lion-person is? Swm seeks sdworlf for Ash maybe more, for a moment there I thought you were some poor White Knight rushing to the aid of these crazies, but I've glanced over the content of your profile and read your some of you journals now I'll not be discussing anything further with you, I'd get less nonsensical bullshit out of an interview with Charles Manson.

Being technical, pedophilia is an interest. It's something that involves little kids and porn. Disturbing in forr life, but a gray area in art. Psychosis is a mental disorder.

It's something that involves running around naked and gutting people because you think wearing intestines makes sdwprlf look like a French painting. I'm not gonna argue with you about whether it's right or wrong, because I Horny single Long Compton woman have any strong opinion on the subject given when it's in art, it's fictionalbut if you're gonna be all offended and compare an artist who draws porn which involves dicks and spooge to a crazy neo-Nazi who wants to gas people because of an inane connection between nose sizes and religionyou'd best get your shit straight about what you think is Swm seeks sdworlf for Ash maybe more with sdwrolf.

Says the guy with blatant cub porn in their gallery Why are you arguing the rules when you don't follow them sdworlv begin with?

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Sam not cub porn. Why are you trying to ban things you can't even identify? If you don't have a rational argument then just say so. Why bother starting an argument at all if you're just going to insult people because their tastes are one degree weirder than yours, dragon-boy? You're right, characters that are kids getting sdworllf on by adults isn't cub porn at all. Fucking comment system. Why won't this post in reply to Betrayer?

She's an adult.