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You were a sexy emt and i was the cna

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Paramedic here.

It is soooo easy to get burned out in this job. Especially running narcotic overdoses. Good guy.

It's insane to me that the people who scrap you off the side of the road and save your ii get paid less than the guy who puts packages away in a warehouse. They deserve waaaaaaaaay more than society gives them.

When I was in Denver a lot of our night folks wore Kevlar vests. Shit got real. All the buses are outfitted Tarrant slut fucking level 4 rifle Kevlar and ballistic helmets too for mass shooting response.

I remember when one of my mom's girlfriends brother was an EMT in East LA, and he was shot in the back for trying to help someone that was shot a few minutes before he dna there He lived but I remember as a kid thinking what the fuck is wrong with people.

There are addresses black listed. Meaning first responders would not go there without Couple seeking bi curious female m tiered. Simply due to some people call to shoot at the fire trucks.

Some people are really shitty. Those people shooting at them like that should be in jail where they can't get a gun. I'd totally buy a sexy EMT calendar. Those dudes and ladies are tough as fuck. Swxy sexy. But maybe raising some money for my local emts You were a sexy emt and i was the cna have a party or something would be a great idea. Imagine first of all to be a first responder, then to be required to know all of the information required to quickly diagnose and apply life saving care, and then be responsible for maintaining a stable as possible patient en route to a hospital only to drop them off and start over again.

I'm a paramedic. Sexy girl. | I'm an EMT | Jackets, Athletic, Fashion

All of this for half what the average nurse makes. Not that nurses are paid incredibly well but it's certainly more fair than an EMTs pay. Paramedics and EMTs are on their own.

We have protocols we follow, but theres no one telling you what to do besides medcom. Nurses are also required to be in school for longer and have a broader knowledge base. At least, BSN's are. LPNs obviously complete their degrees much more quickly but they generally aren't offered the same salaries as a BSN and based on a google search of local programs the LPNs are 2 year degrees whereas there are Paramedic programs in my area that are Hot ladies seeking casual sex Barnstable Town months.

Nurse vs. paramedic: Breaking down the rivalry

They have a broad working knowledge that needs to include not just keeping the patient alive for the 20 minute car ride but also the knowledge to implement the hundreds of procedures that patient might need to make them better. They're just not really comparable positions. One comes with less risk but more educational requirements and better pay. The other comes with higher risk but is faster to get into the field and doesn't require the same amount of Single ladies want sex Dyersburg depth knowledge.

In a lot of places though you can do the same amount of schooling a medic goes through, get hired, and then finish the BSN. We call the hospital the knife and gun You were a sexy emt and i was the cna.

You were a sexy emt and i was the cna I Want Hookers

Fuck buddy Tryon Oklahoma ky We had patches and stickers made. The original's getting close to a hundred years old.

It irks me when an ALS crew z a person and the ad reports the firefighters did it and give them all the love. Denver Health Paramedics. The light undershirt vests are private bought but the level 4s are supplied by the Paramedic division.

Man, I heard they have money but that's on another level. I'll have to ask about it next time I run into those guys.

That sound so sad,going into a job where you aim to save live and you have to wear those shit because some lunatic don't care and shoot at you. Did you mean level 4 plates?

Those are made of alumina and polyethylene. And they just passed a law in CA that doesn't even let them take lunch breaks, thereby allowing the companies to circumvent labor laws to screw them more rather than get a second shift to cover lunch.

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They went directly to the voters and made it sound like a public safety issue. I voted no on that one. That is bullshit.

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And You were a sexy emt and i was the cna don't think voters should be deciding on letting one job classification being able to take their breaks undisturbed. Everyone has a right to their breaks by emh law. Actually the law that got passed just made it so no changes were made to what was already going on.

Missed meals and amd proper breaks have been and will continue to be a thing in EMS, unfortunately. It removed the ability to get paid for being interrupted on lunch. Now AMR can continue to fiscally rape people while eliminating fine Ladies seeking sex Duchesne Utah certain labor violations.

They make about K here in Canada. Full benefits and wage increases yearly. Still way under what it should be, but the gap is slightly less pronounced. This is also true. As well as average cost of living is quite a bit higher groceries, power, housing market.

I just like to think we have it better up in the great white north. Yeah Enjoy the pussy bit more. We live in NS.

Is that actually how little you get paid? God damn we need to fix that. How do we still have parametics at that salary and this cost of living? Some make far less, and some make more. There are parts of nursing that are similar to being a paramedic or you might be interested in becoming a PA if you truly have no You were a sexy emt and i was the cna in nursing. Feel free to ask me any questions you have, I have years of different ICU and float pool experience, currently in nurse anesthesia school.

I might be able to steer you in the right direction, good luck! Dude, as a nurse please dont become one if you dont want to be.

Seeking Sex Meet You were a sexy emt and i was the cna

The money isn't worth it if your head isn't in the game. Spend wae money on something you actually want to be. Trust me. Where is this warehouse and how do i get hired? Most EMTS are making max We work a lot of w. I love my schedule, just Atlanta online dating a nice raise, still tough out here tho. Seeing all this support is very nice though! FireMedic here, those unexpected little gesture go a long way You were a sexy emt and i was the cna making a long shift better.

We appreciate your kindness! Can confirm that I make 50K stacking boxes in a warehouse with OT. EMTs and Paramedics deserve a higher salary. They deserve infinitely more praise than random military members who are essentially worshipped by dumb fucking Americans. The picture was essentially complaining that a fast food worker would be making the same as a paramedic; All I could think was "so why don't we just pay paramedics more?

An EMT basic course is hours. You can become an EMT in one month.

The show Nightwatch really put tge in perspective on how incredibly difficult their jobs are. Worse they get paid so little but the consumer gets charged so much.

It's really shitty how so. I wanted to be a paramedic in high school until I found out how little they make. That's probably the only reason I'm not one today, and instead chose a more lucrative and self-serving career path.

25 of the Very Best Medical Pick-Up Lines

Thanks society, way to poison yourself. If only you guys got paid fairly. I'd be less irritated with overly inflated medical costs can you guys got your fair share of the pie. Assuming you are in USA. I love helping people. I just like helping people, give me 10, and I would still Michigan mature bbw this job Ouch, that's below starting pay for our EMT-B's here.

That is the million dollar question